Anything 4.0 - AI anime Art generator

Anything 4.0 is an AI anime Art generator that produces high-quality, detailed illustrations with just a few prompts. It is open access and available to all under the CreativeML OpenRAIL-M license.

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What's Anything 4.0?

Anything 4.0 is a Stable Diffusion model that uses AI to generate anime-style illustrations with exceptional quality and detail. With just a few prompts, artists and designers can create unique and expressive illustrations that cater to a wide range of styles and preferences. The model is open access and available to all under the CreativeML OpenRAIL-M license.

History of Anything 4.0 AI model

Anything 4.0 is the newest version of the Anything model, which is a latent diffusion model for anime-style illustrations. It includes the AbyssOrangeMix2, a high-quality model, and supports tags to generate images.

Art for a game, website or just for you

Anything 4.0 uses text prompts to generate anime-style illustrations that are highly detailed and of exceptional quality. It's an easy-to-use tool that empowers artists and designers to create unique and expressive illustrations for whatever they need.


The model offers a simple and effective way to create visually stunning graphics for websites and forums targeted at anime enthusiasts. Its specifically design to mimic that style so if you're looking to create a fanpage, website, social media group or forum based around your favorite anime you can use this model to generate images that are almost undistinguishable from official art.


By using Anything 4.0, designers can easily create content that is perfect for games. Th model can create anything from characters & opponents, through items and flavor, to backgrounds and locations. For characters its probably best suited for games with an anime-like aesthetic, but if you need some images for smaller content like inventory items, skills or backgrounds it will be fine for every type of game.


Creating high-quality avatars for social media can help you stand out in the online world, or be a nice gift for a friend. All it requires is just a few clicks with this AI anime art generator.


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