Isolated Contexts - Chat GPT API

An advanced usage of the Chat GPT API available only in GraphQL AI. Use saved messages as context for your conversations.

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Use context in your conversations

GraphQL AI uses an advanced context-based feature to maximize the efficiency of using the Chatbot GPT AI

1. Re-use conversations

Save the information & use it later

With GraphQL AI you can use your chatbot conversations as reusable context. Save your conversation as input information and chatbot will instantly know what to talk about.

2. Continue from where you left off

Continue working on the same topic

Working on a more complex topic? Save your conversation as context and revisit it anytime you want, with chat gpt remembering what information you've already gone through

3. Use networks for maximum efficiency

Context networks

Create a context based network with a number of chatbots providing answers based on one or multiple saved contexts. Every response will be based on a pre-saved network with the AI focusing on pulling the most adequate answers ASAP.

4. Use context via API with autosave

Copy your saved context as a query

With a simple click copy the isolated context or even the whole conversation network as an API query. Now your own application can also use context with the Chat GPT API!

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