OpenJourney AI model

OpenJourney AI is an open source Stable Diffusion model, fine tuned on MidJourney images and created by by PromptHero.

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What's OpenJourney?

It's MidJourney, but open source! OpenJourney is an AI text to image model created by PromptHero. It was trained on MidJourney and Stable Diffusion images for fine tuning which lets it mimic their style.

History of the OpenJourney AI model

OpenJourney has been trained on over 124 000 MidJourney v4 images and on Stable Diffusion v1.5 using +124000 images, 12400 steps, 4 epochs +32 training hours.

The next generation of AI models

OpenJourney is a second degree AI model as it was trained on the images created by other AI models. This means it is more tailored towards what users wanted to generate in terms of style and uses derivative work for its algorithms.

Open Source

OpenJourney is a free text-to-image model for generating AI art and images based on the user's input. It's open source and fully trained & maintained by the community at PromptHero. Anyone can use it at will with no subscriptions or invites required!

Trained on AI-made images

It's an AI model fine tuned on over 60,000 high quality AI art images generated by MidJourney. This makes it much more likely to generate images according to expectations and human preferences. This makes it highly popular as it generates good quality images right away while not requiring very exact and detailed prompting.

Avoid the big controversy

MidJourney has faced a lot of criticism for using copyrighted photos and artwork to train its models. There's even been some legal action with both a class action lawsuit by artists and another big one from visual media giant Getty Images. With OpenJourney you can avoid all of that controversy as it's based on derivative work of other AI models and community help which makes the copyright controversy regarding that a moot point in its case.


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